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Withdraw The groundless Prohibiton of Entry for participants for Seoul G20 International People’s Conference !

- Mr. Paul L. Quintos was refused to enter into Korea even though the fact that he had been in Korea to participate in the G20 Civil Dialogue with the invitation of the Korean government.
- We blame the Lee Administration for the prohibiton of entry of activists from development NGOs while it emphasizes the importance of development agenda in G20.

Last night 5th November, Mr. Paul L. Quintos arrived at Incheon International Airport to participate in the Seoul international People's Conference in parallel to G20 Seoul Summit Meeting, but he was refused to enter into Korea without any specific reason. He was invited as one of speakers in the People's Conference from IBON International which is one of the international development NGOs based in the Philippines. He is now caught in the Incheon International Airport demanding the reason of prohibiton of his entry just to listen "No" from the authority. The PSPD, one of the host organizations, was informed from the Ministry of Justice in the Airport that Mr. Quintos has been included in the list of people refused admission to the country.

However, the fact that Mr. Quintos was listed is completely unacceptable because he could came to Korea twice during recent two months without any restrains from the Government. Furthermore he was the one invited by the Korean government to G20 Civil Dialogue between G20 Sherpas and NGOs which was held in this October. He also participated in the civil society workshop held in Korea from 27 September to 1 October this year in parallel with the 30th FAO Asia-Pacific Conference representing IBON International. He has never refused in entering into Korea before.

The IBON International for which Mr. Quintos works is a well known international think-tank, especially the organization has been leading aid effectiveness agenda in the international society. The Korean government obtained the membership from OECD-DAC last year and it announced to increase its aid effectiveness to international society. And the Korean government is now preparing to host 4th OECD-DAC High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness scheduled in October 2011. The IBON International is supposed to participate in the High-Level Forum as one of the official representative of Better Aid, the official partner of the High-Level Forum. The IBON International has frequently visited OECD Countries as well as G8 countries to talk about aid effectiveness representing international civil society.

Therefore, it is unreasonable and unacceptable that the Korean government did not admit Mr. Quintos's entry to Korea. The Korean government invited him to listen his opinion in the process of prepHRNEaring the agenda for G20 just months ago and now the government argues that Mr. Quintos has been listed as one refused admission to the country. We are wondering if the G20 Seoul Summit Meeting has any will to genuinely talk about development agenda. We strongly blame the Korean government for the groundless prohibition of entry and call for that the government immediately admit Mr. Quintos's entry.

In addition, we are informed that Khaliq Bushra from a women's organization in Pakistan, Umesh Upadhyaya from Nepalese Labour Unions, Henry Saragh from Indonesian Peasants Confederation Indonesia, and Bernadinus Steni from HUMA, an environmental organization in Indonesia were rejected in applying visa to Korea without any ground. Regarding those immigration control of the Lee Administration as suppression on labors and civil societies' responses to the G20 Summit Meeting, we will strongly react to all those suppressions.

Put People First! Korean People's G20 Response Action
6 November 2010

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