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PAN AP launches two publications at COP16 in Cancun

Press Release
24 November 2010

On the occasion of the COP16/CMP6 in Cancun, Mexico, the Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific (PAN AP) is launching a handbook entitled “Weathering the Climate Crisis (The Way of Ecological Agriculture)” and “Climate Change and Crop Protection (Anything Can Happen), a monograph.

wtcc-coverThe handbook focuses on agriculture as the most vulnerable sector to climate change. It discusses how the abrupt changes in the weather are threatening the livelihood of people in the Asia-Pacific region which hosts 60 per cent of the world’s population, mainly small-scale and subsistence farmers and landless workers, fishers and indigenous peoples.  The book also confronts the current system of corporate-promoted chemical- and energy-intensive agriculture and globalized agricultural trade as the main culprit in worsening the climate change; and proves that sustainable or ecological agriculture, based on biological diversity and non-chemical inputs, help reduce carbon emissions, improve farm productivity, stability and environmental quality and thus enhance the resilience and livelihood of the farmers and the rural poor.

The monograph meanwhile reviews existing scientific literature about the ecological consequences of climate change and elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide on weeds, pests, diseases and their natural enemies. This document states that although crop protection has always been dynamic, climate change might increase the speed of changes. When it comes to pesticides use, climate as influencing factor plays a minor role, the economy, policy, education and agronomy are the main drivers of pesticides market.

These two publications will be launched during the self-organised event entitled “Just Transition Now! Towards a Peoples Protocol on Climate Change” sponsored by Peoples Movement on Climate Change (PMCC).

The side event will be held on December 6 (Kilmaforum10, 10am – 1pm) and December 8 (Dialogo Climatico -­ Espacio Mexicano, 10am – 12nn) in Cancun, Mexico.

Download word document

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