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Peasants of Fanaye together with different CSOs marched to Governor’s Palace in St. Louis to file the memorandum

Farmers continue to fight for their land devoted to food crops such as potatoes against the transnational corporation SenEthanol last Oct 1 at Fanaye, a village near the banks of the famous Senegal River.

Peasants and various civil society groups including the Conseil National de Concertation et de Coopération des Ruraux (National Council for Rural Cooperation CNCR), National Research Foundation (NRF), Enda Pronat Senegal, and other organizations held a protest march against a 20,000-hectare bioethanol project for the production of ethanol from sunflower seeds which has displaced farmers.

Women and children join the march with slogans saying “Listen to the People!” They account to 90% of Senegal’s rural poor.

With slogans saying “We do not want it!” and “Mobilizing to defend our land”, the group marched to the Governor’s Palace to file a Memorandum to the Governor of St. Louis.

The march coincides with build-up protest actions by small holder farmers and rural peasants' advocates the world over in commemoration of the World Food(less) Day on Oct.16.

A Senegalese holding a placard that says SenEthanol Out

This group of Fanaye women actively joined the march. Hundreds gathered to asset their right to till their land with agricultural crops that sustain the local economy

Source: http://www.cncr.org/IMG/pdf/2011-10-01_Accaparement_Fanaye.pdf

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