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Please support the people of Sompeta in defending their land


CSO Statement on the 30th FAO-APRC
Sompeta, a tranquil coastal town of North Srikakulam district of the Indian State Andhra Pradesh, witnessed unprecedented violence on July 14, 2010, when Indian company Nagarjuna Construction Company Limited tried to acquire 1,905 acres (771 hectares) of fertile multi-cropping agricultural land and wetlands with the help of local authorities and armed police force for construction of a coal-based power plant. Despite being productive, the lands and wetlands of Sompeta were declared by the government as a “wasteland”, thus, allowing the conversion to a power plant.

The project would burn 34,245 tonnes of coal, generate around 14,380 tonnes of ash and deposit 226 tonnes of sulphur daily. It would also lead to generation of toxic and radioactive pollutants like mercury, lead, zinc, cadmium, arsenic, etc., It would also highly contaminate ground water and nearby water bodies. The proposed plant would need 250 million cubic metres of water drawn from the sea to operate..

TWith the looming destruction of their livelihood and environment, the villagers who have been living in this village for many generations organised themselves. The non-violent resistance of peasants and fisherfolks was met with planned violent attacks of the police-goon combined, leading to the death of two peasants and leaving hundreds of men and women villagers wounded. For those who survived, the police filed trumped up charges against them.

An International Fact Finding Mission was organised by several people’s organisations and NGOs. The people of Sompeta are one in saying that they want their land back and they want to stop the construction of the power plant.

Please support their campaign by signing the petition letter addressed to the Indian government and the power plant company.

See the full letter here : http://www.panap.net/en/fs/page/food-sovereignty/297


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